Pierpaolo Belfiore

Set of rings; sterling silver, Amethyst, Citrine, artificial Ruby.

As an artist metalworker, I have always liked to stretch my skills with different materials. The thing that I love about working with metal is its versatility; you can shape by hammering it, casting it, filing it. You can change its proprieties with fire and heat, you can exploit its chemical reactions in a number of ways. The medium I’m more confident with is jewellery; I like working mostly with traditional precious metals, gold, and silver mainly. I’m quite traditional from that point of view. Gemstones are another one of my great passions: I like to include them in my pieces really often. I consider my design quite contemporary, bold and architectural sometimes, delicate some others. Simple lines and elegance is what I try to achieve; on the other hand, the technical challenge is what really intrigues me. My background training is mostly focused on handicraft skills: essentially, long hours of patient benchwork. Although I have never employed many new technologies in my work, such as laser cutting, or electroforming, I believe in the future it will be for sure something to experiment with.

Every design starts from an idea; any idea becomes a sketch before getting into practice. Drawing is definitely an essential part of my work, the stage when I plan my next step and find solutions to problems.  I find my inspiration in the details: the shapes of flowers and plants, outlines of objects, colour combinations. I love to look at other people’s work, craftsmen and artists alike. Although some could say that there are not always deep concepts behind my work, I am a strong believer in beauty for beauty’s sake.

Flower ring; sterling silver, fine silver.
Granulated necklace; sterling silver, fine silver; gold-plated, oxidized.
Citrine ring; sterling silver, Citrine.
Flower pendant; sterling silver, fine silver.
Flower earrings; sterling silver, pink Sapphires.
Flower earrings; sterling silver, Peridots.